About Us

Rehoboth Day Nursery is a private nursery in Deptford, London that operates from 3 level, in 3 base rooms, a provisional sensory room and an outdoor garden area.

Rehoboth Day Nursery is operated as a home away from home; where children are cared for just as parents do at home; with the added bonus of learning to broaden their minds and achieve their learning goals to help to prepare their developments in order to achieve positive behaviour towards learning when they go to school.

Our Rooms

Our rooms are extremely bright and engaging with educative posters and paintings. The rooms are well organised with equipment arranged on easily accessible storage places in readiness for the children to help themselves in selecting toys and resources.

Child at nursery in Deptford, London

Places Available

We currently have places available for children aged 0 -1, 2, 3 and 4. Click here for more information on how to apply for a place.

We also offer the 30 hours free Government Educational Grant for working parents.

Out and About

We also enjoy using our local amenities. We take the children on visits to our local parks quite often, the exciting Deptford market, the library and the shops regularly. We'll even organise some bigger trips, to places like the London Aquarium.


Rehoboth Day Nursery provides a high standard of accessible and sustainable education in a compassionate, warm, thoughtful and stimulating environment for children aged between zero and five years.

Full and part time services are provided from 7:30am — 6:30pm Monday to Friday.


As part of the nursery's child centred approach and dedication to your child's development, our friendly, qualified and experienced staff members remain devoted to ensuring your child's fundamental skills are challenged, developed and honed. All possible and logical learning opportunities such as playing, singing, indoor and outdoor activities are explored.


Our curriculum is based upon the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Your child will learn numeracy, literacy, multiculturalism, expressive art, social and physical activities in proportion to the age and of the individual child.

Rehoboth Day Nursery partakes in the National Education Grant Scheme.


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