Why Choose Our Nursery?

Why Choose Our Nursery?

Choosing your child’s nursery can be exciting but can also cause one to feel bemused and anxious.

​With us, your child’s happiness and safety are always our principal priority and we place emphasis on giving emotional care as we support for progress and development. All children need to feel safe, loved and well cared for.

Rehoboth Day Nursery is operated as a home away from home; where children are cared for just as parents do at home; with the added bonus of learning to broaden their minds and achieve their learning goals to help to prepare their developments in order to achieve positive behaviour towards learning when they go to school.

In ensuring that these basic needs are met, we also understand that all children are unique and have their individual needs and personal requirements; and, we therefore care for every child as an individual.  In addition to providing excellent care, we believe in providing outstanding learning experiences through enjoyable play. We do provide stimulating environments both indoors and outdoors for the children to foster a love of learning that provides the children with the best possible start in life.   We cherish our well-trained workforce who care for the children as though they were their own.

We endeavour to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure progressive learning using a child centred approach. Every child is carefully observed and their progress logged and discussed with parents and carers. Every individual child is unique to us and Every Child Matters is vastly acknowledged in Rehoboth Day Nursery.

What We Offer

Trained and experienced staff, who are egger to steady and respond to your child's individual needs

Maintain ratio of staff to children. (1:3 for babies, 1:4 for toddlers and 1:8 for pre-schoolers) ​

Keep a busy, but relaxed set of children who would be happy and purposeful

A safe and clean premise - welcoming and friendly

Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness to children's home life

Keep a staff team and a group of children who understand local ethnic and cultural differences

Provide fun filled activities planned for daily children's interests and enthusiasms in mind

Offer planned exercise and quiet times, for the children to enjoy and relax

A warm welcome to you and your child

Explore all possible learning opportunities such as playing, singing, indoor and outdoor activities

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